• In a healthy community every member has a place.
  • All members of the community share a responsibility to ensure that this is the case.
  • Crime is an important indicator of community health.
  • An effective crime prevention strategy must be based on approaches which ensure individuals at risk of committing crime have help in finding their place in the community
  • While demonstrating community values and administering consequences the criminal
    justice system should be restorative.


  • To promote and encourage individual well being through services to persons at risk of
    committing crime;
  • To promote the humane and effective functioning of the Criminal Justice System at all levels as a restorative process;
  • To be informed about the nature and extent of crime in the community and its social context;
  • To promote changes in those social conditions which engender crime;
  • To promote community awareness of crime and its context and encourage citizens involvement in inclusionary crime prevention strategies.
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